Summer Variety Show

Variety 2019

Well, what a show it was, considered to be one of the most accomplished shows we have ever done, our sound and lighting has come on leaps and bounds over the last couple of years, which is thanks to Charlie and Jon up in the sound & lighting room. If you didn’t come then for your information we are now projecting our back drops, as opposed to painting them, so much better and very professional. Kerry and Holly choreographed the whole show, and Richard took care of the shows music requirements, Kevin put the show together and must be congratulated on the end results. Special mention must go to our Kids (Revolting Children), whose numbers and costumes shone throughout the proceedings.

This year it was truly for one day only, with two performances, a matinee and an evening performance. It defies imagination that we put on such a professional and very entertaining slick show, yet are having trouble selling tickets, for £9-00 it was a steal! Ask anyone that attended, don’t take my word for it. So it only remains for me to say well done to the Cast, Crew, Front of House, Sound and Lighting, Tea Ladies, Bar Staff, Security and Dressers….

We will be starting rehearsals for Pantomime in the not to distant future……

Oh No We Won’t!

Terry Revell.

Summer Variety 2018 – Best of British

A review for our 2018 Variety will be published soon. 

Summer Variety 2017 – Otterbourne’s Musical Extravaganza

Once again, Otterbourne Drama Group have produced a brilliant summer show. As always, comments received have been that it was the best summer show ever. This year has really produced the Talent and quality, which is now expected from our audiences.

Thanks must go to Charlie Oldham who has been re-vamping our sound system in the Chamberlayne Suite. Charlie is still working on the system so the quality of the sound should continue to improve. It is difficult to use individual names, but an exception must be made for our 4 year old Lottie, and our ladies who performed Cell Block Tango, it was fortunate that our new defibrillator remained in it’s case on the wall!

All in all everyone who took part must be congratulated on pulling off a spectacular show from the Director to the cast, the crew and the front of house, and not forgetting our Tea ladies.


Daily Echo Review

Starting with Grease and ending with Mama Mia, director Kevin Warne chose his material very carefully ensuring everyone had a moment in this very well lit and costumed show. With contributions from as young as four year old Lottie Crosskey, the cast of the children proved their worth – particularly in their “Thriller” number. Amongst the adult contingent, a very risqué and difficult “Cell block tango” was very well done along “Flash bang wallop” and  “Bali Hai”.  Direction and sound were excellent allowing  strong performers to shine, noteably Nicky Williams and Beth Warne, guitar accompaniment by Jack Hobbs to Sarah Bishop’s “Will you still love me tomorrow” was particularly appreciated by the Otterbourne audience as was the genial patter of host Terry Revell, coping masterfully with the unexpected firework interruptions.

Previous Years

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