Summer Varierty 2012

This years Variety Show was dedicated the  Reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and was announced as This Is Your Life Your Majesty by our Compare Mr John Pitman.

The show opened with two numbers being sung by the whole Company from the 1950s hit musical The  Sound of Music,  followed by Russ Whitfield giving a Solo performance of The Lion and Albert  The conclusion of the 1950s was Sarah and Ryan Bishop with their interpretation of  Tonight from West Side Story.  The 1960s was portrayed firstly by two numbers from the hit musical Oliver sung by the whole Company, with lead singers Lisa Wrightson and Russ Whitfield, followed by Holly Williams in the Seductive Number Mein Herre from another hit musical Cabaret.  Then came a comedy sketch of Till Death Us Do Part, with Terry Revell playing a very acceptable Alf Garnett.  The Girls and Boys then performed a brilliant version of the Beatles  Yesterday.  Moving into the 1970s saw Steven Rickman sat in a rocking chair as Val Doonican signing What Would I DoThere then came much laughter with Kevin Warne and Mike Porter  as the Two Ronnies in Ballroom Dancing !!!  Ryan Bishop then sang My Way a Frank Sinatra Number, which nearly brought the house down, the first half concluded with the younger members of the show singing Grease Lightening from the Musical Greece.

The second half, the 1980s, opened with our younger members singing the Michael Jackson hit Bad which was a real scorcher as an opener, with a promise of more to come. Hilarity followed with Chris Williams miming to the song Dont Stop Me Now (Play it sometime when you are on your own and try to mime the words) !!!.  This was followed by Sarah Bishop singing On My Own), then the whole Company gave a rendition of One Day More from Les Miserables,  which was awesome, although through three month of rehearsals we still were not sure whether we could pull this one off, but we did. Now into the 1990s with Joseph Warne bringing tears to the eyes of many, as he sang Candle in the Wind that famous Elton John  number. Comedy once again followed by the aging Spice Girls Toilet paper and all !!!! one can only Guess. Kevin Warne then arrived with his umbrella to sing Congratulations, just as Cliff did back in the 90s at Wimbledon. The next number brought gasps of amazement as the Tapping Members of the cast performed their interpretation of River Dance, with Holly Williams and Joseph Warne  giving an outstanding performance. The boys of the group then performed  No Matter What  before the show moved on into the 2000s with Nicole Morris and Beth Warne and  the Young Generation with  their favourite number  Were All In This Together from High School Musical.  This was followed by Flying High Performed by the two Barbaras, Barbara Thomas and Barbara Hancox, the ladies then joined the rest of the cast for a medley of songs from Mamma Mia which would normally have closed our show, but on this special occasion was followed by God Save the Queen and much flag waving with Land of Hope and Glory.

Well done Everybody.