Summer Varierty 2013 – The Greatest Show in Town

Once again a brilliant show enthused our audiences at every performance, Brilliant start with Hooray for Hollywood, our Young Generation then followed with a number from Matilda, where we had swings actually rising above the audience, then on came one of our favourite artists Miss Sarah Bishop with a song from Starlight Express.  This was followed by our first comedy spot with Jessica Hancock, Steve Rickman and Kevin Warne, which had the audience giggling in their seats.  This was followed by more comedy in the form of Nicky Williams Kay Warne and Miss Twinkletoes herself Kerry Purnell with Nicky ending up blowing a Trumpet (yes a real one)between her legs (Dont ask).  Ryan Bishop followed in a beautiful flowing Coat of Many Colours to sing Any Dream Will Do, which had the audience Spell Bound. Later on Richard Daniels played  the Entertainer and Side-saddle.  Yes just for once we let Richard have the Spotlight with his Piano centre stage On the Stage. The first half then came to an end with a number from the Beatles entitled With A Little Help From My Friends.

The opening of the second half brought the Boys and Girls on with A Selection of Broadway Melodies, after this came Millie Taylor who sang for the first  two performances and Bethany Warne, who sang the last two performances with the song Popular from the musical Wicked,  both of these delightful young ladies managed to bring the house down, and both were persuaded (by our compare Mr John Pitman) to give a second rendition, which if you know the song , you will understand need fitness and stamina in abundance.  More comedy followed with a sketch performed a number of years ago by Hale and Pace, this was comedy at its best complete with paper bags on heads. Further down the line Chris Williams gave another of his miming performance this time with Love is all around (how does he think them up).  All of the aforementioned artists gave further performances during the show, including most taking part in If I was not upon the Stage a favourite with the Otterbourne Audiences.

All in all a brilliant and very profession and colourful show, and as the Daily Echo  reported local theatre at its best, and extremely entertaining. Thanks as always goes to our Costumers Joyce Jones and Julie Whale, also to our back room dressers, front of house, lighting and sound engineers, security and back stage hands.

This years show was jointly put together by John Pitman, Richard Daniels, Kay Warne, Kerry Purnell and Nicky Williams. See Gallery below, with the last picture being another rising star, Miss Barbara Hancox.