2020 – Aladdin

Jump on your magic carpet and join us for our 2020 Family Pantomime – Aladdin. We’ve selected an amazing, modern script, the cast are very excited and our fantastic front of house team look forward to welcoming you!

This will be our 40th Pantomime here at Otterbourne and we’re celebrating by offering a free ice cream or programme with each child’s ticket.

Tickets are just £9 each and available online by clicking here.

The evening performances start at 7.30pm on 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th January. The matinee performances start at 2.30pm on 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th January.

New for this Pantomime – we’re also including a relaxed performance at 11am on Sunday 12th January. This will be more suitable for parents with babies, toddlers and those of any age with additional needs. There will be room in the hall if you wish to bring a mat for children to watch from the floor-or for those who wish to get up and dance along! There is also more space for wheelchairs. This performance will be signed in makaton. During this performance the hall will be dimly lit and sound and special effects during the show will be reduced. Refreshments will be available throughout, and the interval shortened. There will be a space outside the main hall available at any time for anyone who needs a little break-as well as baby changing facilities. You are welcome to move around, make a noise, eat, drink, change a nappy… during the show!

Aladdin and the Genie look forward to meeting you in January!

2019 – Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast has been with us as a folk tale for a long time; from its first publication in 1740 to its most recent Disney movie it has been seen in many shapes and sizes, and now, in the delightful venue that is Otterbourne Village Hall, it surfaces in panto form, in a most entertaining version by award-winning author Alan Frayn.

Most of the audience will know the story already – that of Prince Danton being turned into The Beast by the immortal sorceress Belladonna for refusing to marry her. Her curse means that he will only be restored to human form if someone will marry him before the last rose of summer finally withers and dies.

The company put their all into this show, which is evident from the outset, and all the stock panto characters are on show (“oh yes they are!”). Leading from the front is the obligatory outrageous dame Madame Fifi, and Kevin Warne’s energetic performance garnered regular applause throughout the show for his inexhaustible good humour and control of the audience, and showing great skill with his ad-libs and comic timing.

As principal girl Belle, Sarah Hobbs had the difficult straight role, but she handled it with confidence and authority, and her singing voice was pitched just right for her songs ‘Belle’ and ‘Something There’, the latter with The Beast.

There’s always an evil character for the audience to boo, and Hannah Ashton, as the witch Belladonna, made the most of her part as the glamorous baddie – and she had one of the best costumes, too!

And then there was The Beast. Played initially (in human form) by Jess Hancock, he then transformed into the hairy monster we all know. Steve Rickman inhabited the role with strength, and had the best of the evening’s numbers with ‘Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again’. His was a crucial pivotal role grasped with both hands.

There were some appealing performances further down the cast list too, from Xanthe Gibbs’ and Issy Goodridge’s dreadful sisters Whitney and Britney, and Holly and Nicky Williams’ TOWIE Beauty Parlour owners Marcel and Monique, to Phillip Tutt Leppard’s eccentric Alphonse (Belle’s father) and Jack Hobbs’ daft Jacques with mile-wide grin and boisterous good humour.

And finally, one had to fall in love with Fairy Flora (Lilly Goodridge) and Flower Fairy Lottie Crosskey, both dressed immaculately in Cicely Mary Barker-style, and both arriving with perfect timing throughout to move the action forward with infectious cuteness.

Mention must be made of the terrific range of costumes (take a bow Wardrobe Mistress Sam Oldham), Kerry-Anne Purnell’s choreography and Musical Director Richard Daniels’ sterling work on keyboards. It’s also a joy to be able to compliment such an efficient and welcoming Front-of-House team.

Director Steve Rickman has clearly created a show that cast and audience alike thoroughly enjoy participating in and watching, and one can be assured that this, the 39th of their pantos, will lead confidently to next year’s 40th.

2018 – Dick Whittington

And what a Brilliant Pantomime it turned out to be. There were a few of us who were panicking as we moved closer and closer to our first performance, but our fears were unfounded. Our first evening turned out just fine, and from there on in it was all systems go, with the cast and crew really up for it. Costumes were brilliant and extremely colourful, lines were learnt (Except by me) sound and lighting with Charlie in charge, was exceptional, and the children brought the house down, well nearly. According to the many comments received, this show outshone all previous Pantomimes, still our patrons say that every year. Unfortunately the “Echo” has ceased to report on their “Curtain Call”, awards otherwise I think we might have swept the board.

All in all a very satisfying show. We are now about to start Rehearsals for our Summer Show, watch this space for details.


2017 – Rapunzel

Once again another very successful pantomime, and considered one of the best amateur productions in the South of England.

A new dame in the guise of Kevin Warne, brilliant. A nasty witch, Nicky Williams, talented as ever, a Princess in Holly Williams, superb (A real Star) and a wonderful Prince in Ryan Bishop (The ladies loved him). Supporting cast and the young members of the company all terrific, and our stars of the future. Congratulations, once again, to our Producer, Director, Set Designer and Wardrobe Mistress (How does she find the time) the very talented Kay Warne. Not forgetting our Back Stage Crew, Sound and Lighting Engineers (Without whom the show could not proceed) and one other person without whom we could not operate, our tea and biscuit lady Margaret Gains.

Well done all involved.

The Southern Daily Echo Review – Curtain Call Awards 2017.

Otterbourne pull off yet another cracking panto. Plenty of colour, boundless energy, song and dance, corny gags and gentle innuendos set off another year in style.

Rapunzel (Holly Williams) has more going for her than just luscious locks and a sense of wonderment, as she steals the heart of the playboy prince (Ryan Bishop). Witch Gothel (Nicky Williams) is my favourite, with her simpering, sassy, sly guise and she certainly managed villainy, if the screams of the small girl next to me were anything to go by!

Taking over from seasoned dame John Pitman, Kevin Warne does a sterling job filling the size 10 heels as Trixie, supported by the wonderfully sunny Frankie (Jack Hobbs).

Once again the set is eye-catching and the scene transitions work. The numerous costumes are dazzling and well-made.

This is predictable and comforting community theatre on a rainy day, warming and nourishing the soul.

Rebecca Case


Previous Years

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