Project 16


A larger Bianchi Suite, which would allow more bookings for this suite.

The  present capacity is 50, if it were to be 70/80 then it would generate more business and more diverse usage than at present, it would also allow some of the present users the ability to expand their membership, such clubs as the Bridge club, Pilates and Yoga classes and the beading group to name but a few, it would also allow for more Christenings and Children’s parties.

A new Committee room, I am often asked for committee meetings both during the

Day and evening, the Parish council will corroborate this as they are often turned away from the Village hall as is Geoff Bailey a local resident who runs a group meeting quad annually for “Prostrate Cancer” as  there are no slots available.  As well as serving as a Committee meeting room, it could also be used for our regular police meetings, Sewing Circle meetings and a  host of other small group meetings., and there is always the possibility of a Doctors surgery which has been muted in the past. I am also sure that our local M.P. would use this facility if offered.  This  committee room  would  be of duel purpose use, as for shows etc where children are involved it would  be sub divided via screens to make a Boy’s and Girl’s changing area.

Possible new toilets, male and female, plus a small kitchenette for the making of tea’s, coffee’s etc.

All of the above to be reached via a passage (Extended) from the present area behind the stage.  (This area could also incorporate a small  amount of storage for clubs that use the Bianchi Suite.

A new boiler room  if deemed necessary, to be built  beyond its present position.

And finally an extension to the stage area for the storage of props and most importantly would also provide a new escape route in the event of a fire.

If we are going to build this extension, then lets make sure it is not deemed a “White Elephant” but will provide extra space for extra functions, clubs and meeting areas, as well as making our Stage a much safer place for any of our  productions, and not forgetting that the School, Chiltern tutorial, Otterbourne Brass Band, Kingsmede Nursery, and Otterbourne flower club to name but a few who have full use of our stage facilities.

Remember there is no such thing as no….or Can’t be done….Nothings Impossible.

What’s impossible today is Tomorrow’s Reality……


Project 16 Update:

Our first set of plans have now been received from our architects. These now need “Tweeking” by the committee to our exact requirements, then it is off to the council to apply for planning permission. Once planning consent has been received we can start to look around for any grants that may be available. Therefore at present we

Envisage a spring 2017 commencement with completion late July / early August.

Watch this space.